Why Welcome Week?

By participating in UMBC’s Welcome Week, new students will

  • Establish a connection with one or more other students
  • Become more knowledgeable about their chosen academic discipline
  • Become more knowledgeable about academic support resources available to them
  • Become more knowledgeable about co-curricular and wellbeing resources available to them
  • Understand transitional issues (social and academic) they may encounter during their first year and how to manage them
  • Become more knowledgeable and aware of their identities and the diverse identities of others in the UMBC community

“As a transfer student, participating in the Off Campus Student Services (OCSS) Commuter and Transfer Welcome Day was especially meaningful because it showed that UMBC really appreciates students from all walks of life.  I made my first new friends at UMBC that I’m still friends with today.” -Tanya Ramsey

The most meaningful experience was creating beautiful friendships with people. Personally, I have met a lot of my friends through the first soccer game.” -Kai Hajos

“Gaining newfound freedom to do new things; challenging yourself intellectually in your classes; making possible lifelong friends; dabbling in clubs/orgs to discover new interests.” -Laura Huang


“You get to meet the people you live with and get some early friends! If nothing else it makes that first week on campus easier to handle.” -Will Roberts

“Welcome Week is somewhat chaotic… but in a good way. There are tons of events and opportunities to really introduce freshman to each other and to UMBC. The toughest part of it is deciding which ones to go to!” -Shannon Ashley

“Most exciting things have to be finding passions you never knew you had, learning weird college traditions, meeting new friends, and getting a chance to really explore your future career path.” -Chien Zhou

“The most exciting thing about coming to college is how much growing you do. I wouldn’t say that I have changed, but I have grown into the person I have always been meant to be.” -Lizzie Coughlan

“Welcome Week is like a huge party for new UMBC students, and you’re the guests of honor!” -Dorian Frazier