Involvement Fest

Get Connected

Dates: February 7 – 11, 2022

Are you looking to get involved on campus? Involvement Fest is the perfect place to get started and to get connected to over 200+ student organizations.

Looking to participate in Involvement Fest?

Here is how to get involved!

  • Check out our list of over 200+ student organizations. When you see an organization you’d like to learn more about, click on their myUMBC page!
  • Once you’re on their page, take a look at their pinned posts. Any Involvement Fest sessions they are hosting can be found there.
  • If you do not see any Involvement Fest sessions, no problem! You can contact their officers. Officer names/emails can be found on the right side of their page, under “officers”
  • If you need any additional help navigating Involvement Fest, please refer to our myUMBC post.

Full List of Student Organizations

If you are unable to attend or if you would like more information on how to connect with a specific organization email:

Involvement Fest will feature the following categories of organizations:

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  • Academic and Departmental
  • Arts and Performance
  • Career and Professional
  • Club Sports
  • Cultural and Ethnic
  • Fraternities and Sororities
  • Governance
  • Hobbies
  • Honors Societies
  • Intellectual Sports
  • Media
  • Political
  • Religious and Spiritual
  • Service

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