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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Welcome Week?

Welcome Week is the time to learn your way around campus, make friends, and learn the lay of the land. The schedule will include programs and events that will help make you feel more comfortable and confident about life here at UMBC.

For Welcome Week 2020, events will happen online. In order to ensure the best virtual experience, please install WebEx on your devices. All new students are part of a Woolie Group. For information on these groups, please click here.

What’s the difference between Fall and Winter Welcome Week?

Fall Welcome Week takes place in late August and early September and consists of about two weeks of educational, fun, and interactive activities and events all around campus open to all UMBC students. Part of Fall Welcome Week takes place before returning students move back on campus so that new students can move in and get acquainted with campus.

Winter Welcome Week takes place in late January and early February and consists of one week of educational, fun, and interactive activities. All events are open to all UMBC students, but many events are specifically geared toward new transfer and commuter students who enter in the spring semester.

Is Welcome Week mandatory?

Specific mandatory events will be noted as “IMPORTANT”. Some examples of these events include Academic Toolkits, Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity at UMBC, and Convocation. Attending all Welcome Week events is a great way to meet new and current students at UMBC. Consider looking at the schedule and seeing what events interest you.

If I can’t make a mandatory event, who should I tell?

We understand that you might have other commitments. We hope you can clear your calendar and join us for as much as possible. If you have specific questions about mandatory events, we encourage you to talk with your Woolie(s) or email

Can my friends come?

Your new UMBC Friends? Absolutely! Welcome Week is all about building your UMBC network and support system. As much as we want you to continue your current friendships, Welcome Week programs are intended for UMBC students only.

What’s a Woolie?

Woolies are Welcome Week Leaders. They are current students who are volunteering their time to help your transition to UMBC and help you make new friends here. Why are they called Woolies? That’s one of the great UMBC mysteries. To learn more about Woolies visit here.

What is the Transfer Student Network?

The Transfer Student Network is an outreach program that helps new transfer students acclimate to UMBC! Throughout the year, TSN offers: pre-transfer resources, campus resource workshops, social events, major specific networking, and peer mentorship.

What is a Commuter Assistant?

Commuter Assistants (CAs) serve as peer mentors for UMBC commuters! CAs put on programs for commuter students, and they can answer any questions that you have about living off-campus.

When is Move-In Day?

Move-In for 2020 is occurring over several days, August 21 – 26,  in order to follow CDC, campus, Baltimore County guidelines for safety during COVID-19. For more information about applying for housing or residence life assignments please visit or call 410-455-2591.

If I enter as a new transfer or freshman in the spring, am I still eligible for Spring housing on UMBC’s campus?

New Transfer and Freshman students can apply for UMBC Housing for the Spring Semester at Students will receive notice of their housing offer from mid-December through mid-January. Best consideration deadline is mid-December, but students are accepted on a rolling basis.