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The Soccer Scarf

The soccer scarf is a unique sports tradition. The soccer scarf is one of the first known articles of sports fan apparel and remains a badge of honor for the most loyal fans. The exact origin is unknown, but early adopters wore simple scarves with alternating bands of colors matching those of one’s favorite team. The scarf as an accessory provided a bold way to show support for your team, distinctive in color and versatile in its usages. Fans learned to show them individually and in tandem to create dynamic displays of color and pride. UMBC celebrates this tradition each year with the creation of a new custom-designed scarf that is distributed to all new students. Wear yours proudly and go Retrievers!
True Grit Mascot wearing scarf around shoulders


The Accessible Way

  • Pick up your scarf and place it around your neck.
  • Make sure the scarf hangs evenly over each of your shoulders.


True Grit Mascot wearing scarf traditionally around neck

The Traditional Way

  • Place the scarf evenly around your neck.
  • Take one tail of the scarf and put it around the opposite shoulder.


True Grit Mascot holding scarf up



Show Your Spirit Way

  • Grab the edges of the scarf and lift over your head, pull taut, and hold it high.
  • Rest arms as needed.